High School


Our mission is to be a Christ-centered learning community intent on restoring God’s world.
As a school in the Reformed Christian tradition, we teach every class from a Biblical perspective. We learn about God’s order in Mathematics and Science, and His beauty in Art. We see God’s faithfulness in History, and learn about keeping our body as a temple in Physical Education. We offer an academically challenging program with committed faculty that invest in every student, every day. Are we a college prep school? Absolutely! But Chicago Christian is much more than that. Whether you want to prepare for college or seek to join a trade or other career, the Chicago Christian community will help you grow, learn, and be confident in yourself and your abilities.

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  • Bible

    We are committed to giving each student the highest quality Biblical education in a sound, faith based, and understandable manner.  At our core, we believe the Holy Spirit speaks through the Word of God to direct us toward a Spirit-filled life.  You will learn about the Kingdom of God, the Old Testament and how it points toward Jesus Christ, and the New Testament and the work of Jesus Christ. As a senior, you can choose to study Stewardship (learning to care for God’s Kingdom) or a historical study of the Christian church.
  • Business Technology

    Business and technology play an increasingly significant role in much of society. Our faculty recognize the importance of training students to be Christian professional in the business world. Offerings include accounting, business, marketing, entrepreneurship, business law, web page design, and more.
  • English

    In English at Chicago Christian, you have the unique opportunity to explore literature through a Christian perspective. As you meet various authors and characters, you will use your analytical skills to compare their words and actions to a Biblical standard. You will also perfect your skills in writing, speaking, presenting, collaborating, and using technology. Offerings include Honors World Literature, AP Literature and Composition, Journalism, Creative Writing, and more.
  • History & Social Studies

    Students will discern how their story and the stories of others connect with the big story of God's sovereignty and His plan of redemption.  The History & Social Studies Department lays a foundation to guide students toward developing a sense of historical empathy.  The study of history should result in compassion, humility, and action.  The department also seeks to develop practical skills such as asking questions, discerning, researching, close reading, writing, and forming arguments.  Classes include Western Civilization*, U.S. Government and Politics+, U.S. History+, History of Chicago, Psychology+,  Sociology, and Modern World History.

    *Available as an Honors Course
    +Available as an AP Course
  • Math

    You will improve your proficiency in mathematics including mathematical reasoning, communication, problem solving, computation and spatial reasoning. Faculty work closely with the Science department to ensure you develop the literacy needed to succeed in science as well. In this way, you can become a responsible citizen and help restore the environment and God’s world. Offerings include:
    Geometry and Honors Geometry
    Algebra IA, Algebra IB, Algebra I, Algebra II, Honors Algebra II
    Functions/Statistics & Trigonometry, and AP Statistics
    Honors Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB
  • Physical Education

    Physical fitness is a key component to overall health and wellness. You will learn about proper nutrition, and set and work toward dietary and fitness goals. Our focus is on encouraging you to enjoy a sport and learn how to use it to enhance your fitness and overall health. You’ll hear from a yoga instructor, coaches, nutritionists, nurses, an athletic trainer, and more. Offerings include Team Sports and Conditioning, Health, and Strength Training, among others.
  • Project Lead the Way - STEM

    Chicago Christian has partnered with a nationally recognized company, Project Lead the Way, for our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum.  You can choose from courses in Biomedical Science and Engineering. You can help solve a mystery – a body is found, and your help is needed to determine who this person was and how they died.  Offerings include Human Body Systems, Computer Science (Dual-Enrollment through Trinity Christian College), Engineering Design, and Medical Interventions among others.
  • Science

    Our faculty will help you develop critical thinking and problem solving skills for use not only in science, but in every-day life too. You’ll learn how science, technology, and society influence each other. And you’ll be prepared to participate in the restoration of God’s world. Offerings include Biology, Honors Physics, and College Chemistry among others.
  • Spanish

    Foreign Language:  Spanish

    God created us with a need to communicate with each other, and He enabled us to learn other languages for this communication. In learning Spanish, we can also experience other cultures and broaden our view of the world. Offerings include AP Spanish. 

  • Academic Support

    This is a guided study hall that is designed to fill two critical needs for students with a documented LD:
    Content Level Support, and Provide instruction and remediation in study skill areas through direct instruction. Study skills covered include self-awareness, self-advocacy, time management, organization, and learning styles. This is a for-credit class.
  • Additional Online Options

    We partner with One Schoolhouse to offer additional courses via an online platform.  Many courses are offered, including:  French, Mandarin, American Sign Language, Forensic Science, Marine Science, Civics and Politics, Creative Writing, and Art History. 
See our full Curriculum Guide here.

See the Arts page for Theater, Band, Choir, and Visual Arts.