Tuition & Costs

Over $1.5 Million

in Tuition Assistance Awarded Annually to our Families.

As a Christian community, we are committed to making a Southwest Chicago Christian education accessibility to families of various financial levels.  We are excited to share that we offer/secure tuition assistance of $1.5 Million annually to our families with financial need.

Pass It On Thrift Store – Tuition Savings for 2019/20

Our partnership with the Pass It On Thrift Store allows us to offer an alternative tuition structure starting in Kindergarten.  The store is volunteer-run and their profits support all three SCCS campuses.  While this savings is offered to every family, we kindly ask that you pay full tuition if you have the means to do so.  Please click on the link for more information about the Pass It On Thrift Store.

Kindergarten – ½ Day: $4,300 (Savings of $565)
Kindergarten – Full Day: $7,760 (Savings of $1,065)
1st through 5th Grade: $7,760 (Savings of $1,065)
Middle School: $8,445 (Savings of $1,135)
High School: $10,825 (Savings of $1,415)

Preschool Tuition for 2019/20

Half Day Full Day
2 Days a Week $1,555 $3,995
3 Days a Week $1,885 $5,400
4 Days a Week $2,410 $6,045
5 Days a Week $2,925 $6,690

Full Tuition Rates for 2019/20

Kindergarten – ½ Day: $4,865
Kindergarten – Full Day: $8,825
1st through 5th Grade: $8,825
Middle School: $9,580
High School: $12,240

We are pleased to offer this tuition structure which supports a well-rounded student experience including a robust academic program, a variety of fine arts opportunities, and an exciting physical education curriculum – all through a Biblical lens.

Tuition & Cost FAQ

List of 10 frequently asked questions.

  • What does the cost of tuition cover? 

    Tuition revenue covers all academic program budgets, salaries, healthcare and retirement benefits for teachers, administrators and staff.  It also covers basic day-to-day maintenance and operations at our campuses and for our technology programs.  Like most private schools, tuition alone does not cover the full cost of operations.  Additional funds are needed and raised for special projects, growing our Foundation, updates to our facilities, upgrades to our technology, and similar developments.
  • What additional fees and expenses are required?

    General Fees:
    Capital Fee - $200 per family, annually
    Enrollment Fee - $100 per family, annually (waived for families new to SCCS/CCHS.)

    Kindergarten through 5th Grade Fees:
    PE Fee - $10, annually
    Bible Fee - $17, one time (due in 1st grade for Oak Lawn campus, and 3rd Grade for Tinley Park campus)

    Middle School Fees:
    Class Fee:  $50, annually
    8th Grade Graduation:  $45, one time

    High School Fees:
    Book Rental Fee - $45, annually
    12th Grade Graduation Fee - $55, one time
    Book Store Day - This event is held annually just prior to the start of school.  Student purchase their workbooks, reading books, and other supplies for the school year.  The cost ranges depending on the courses chosen.  This is in addition to the Book Rental Fee.  
  • What is the cost of Before & After Care?

    We offer this service for students in preschool through 8th grade.  For full time preschool students, the cost is included in the tuition rate.  For all other students, these rates apply:

    Before & After Care Rates2 Days/Week3 Days/Week5 Days/Week
    Morning (7 to 8:10am)$560 Annual
    $62.23 Month
    $800 Annual
    $88.89 Month
    $1,300 Annual
    $144.45 Month
    Afternoon (3:10 to 6pm)$890 Annual
    $98.89 Month
    $1,295 Annual
    $143.89 Month
    $2,105 Annual
    $233.89 Month
    Morning  & Afternoon$1,380 Annual
    $153.34 Month
    $2,030 Annual
    $225.56 Month
    $2,990 Annual
    $332.23 Month

    To use the service on occasion (referred to as "Occasional Care"), the cost is $6 per hour and it is billed monthly. 

    The registration fee for Before & After Care is $5 annually for Occasional Care and $30 annually for Scheduled Care.  SCCS offers care for some week days that school is not in session and/or has an early dismissal.
  • Do you provide bus transportation?

    Yes!  SCCS operates its own bus fleet throughout much of the southwestern suburbs and some areas of Chicago.  Current boundaries, as determined by our Board, are shown in the map below.  In addition to the areas shown on the map, we also include group stops each year depending on need.  For 2019-20, we have a group stop in Matteson.  For the 2020/21 school year, we are considering group stops in or near Shorewood and Burr Ridge.  Please note that bus routes and group stops are determine in early July each summer, and it is based on the need of students requesting transportation and that are fully enrolled for the following school year.  

            Two-Way Bus Fare
    $595 Annually
    Plus $62 Per Mile, Per Student,  Annually

    One-Way Bus Fare
    Calculated at 60% of the Two-Way Rate

    Base Rate per Family Per Mile*, Per Student

    *Mileage is calculated as the shortest route, as determined by SCCS Transportation Department, from the child's home to the campus.

    Transportation fees can be set up on the same payment plan chosen for tuition: one-pay, two-pay, or 10-month installment.

  • How is Tuition Assistance determined? 

    Determination is made on a case-by-case basis. SCCS assists families with need, although we do not support lifestyle choices that might otherwise be able to be used for tuition. SCCS reviews all applications for assistance and determines awards to be offered to each family based on the amount of resources available, the number of families that apply, and each family’s relative need. These factors can be considered in determining assistance:
    • Income: AGI or Adjusted Gross Income (as defined by your most recent tax return.) This includes earning from wages, business activity, investments, rental income, etc.
    • Other Assets: Savings, stocks, home equity, etc.
    • Family Size: Living allowances taking into account the number of people in a household and costs associated with expenses such as food, medical needs, and child care.
    • Family Education Commitments: Other private school tuition for siblings in grades Kindergarten through High School.
    • Unexpected and Unique Circumstances: This includes medical emergencies or other unexpected necessities.
    • Divorced, separated, or never-married parents: Both custodial and non-custodial parents are required to submit a Tuition Assistance application as a part of the process. This is regardless of any legal arrangement. The Business Office may allow an exception in unusual circumstances. 
  • How and when do I apply for Tuition Assistance?

    For new families, apply during the Application process.

    For returning famiilies, apply during the re-enrollment process. 
  • When can I expect to hear about my Tuition Assistance offer?

    You will be notified during the Spring Enrollment and Admissions Season.
  • Do you offer merit-based scholarships?

    All of our scholarships and assistance are based on financial need.
  • Do you offer athletic based scholarships?

    No - we do not offer this at any of our campuses.  For our high school, this practics is strictly prohibited per the Illinois High School Association (IHSA.)  We do offer needs based tuition assistance.  
  • What is the IL Tax Scholarship Program?

    In 2017, the state of IL passed the Invest in Kids Act.  Through this act, the state provideds a means of offering tuition scholarships to student with financial need by allowing contributors to receive a credit on their IL income taxes.  Click on our "Support & Volunteer" tab to find out more about the IL Tax Credit Scholarship program including eligibility and how to apply for it.