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At Chicago Christian, we are preparing our graduates to be followers of Christ, seekers of knowledge, pursuers of justice and caretakers of creation.  Our hope is that students will continue to engage the world and culture and serve society wholeheartedly in order to glorify God by honoring him in all aspects of their lives.  

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    Heather Roozeboom 

    Student Recruitment, Alumni Relations, & Teacher-Spanish CCHS
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Featured Alumni

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  • Featured Alumna - September 2022

    Dr. Barbara R. Mayden '04
    Hello CCHS family! It is an honor to be spotlighted as an alumna from CCHS Class of 2004. Some of you from high school might remember me by the nickname "Faith," but I am now Dr. Barbara R. Mayden. My four year journey at CCHS is part of my daily life now as an educator. The teachers who impacted me the most during my journey were Dr. Kuipers, Mrs. Potter, Madame Vander Woude, and Coach Engbers. Each of them played a role in challenging me beyond the limits I placed on myself.
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  • Featured Alumna - April 2022

    Katie Vree ‘13
    I graduated from Chicago Christian in 2013. During my time at Chicago Christian I played volleyball and had the experience of taking a few trips down state, which made for some wonderful memories. I also participated in several mission trips to Guatemala. Both trips encouraged me to branch out of my comfort zone and be the arms of Jesus. I was also blessed to have worked with many teachers that challenged me spiritually and academically. Mrs. Iannarone always encouraged me to work hard and do my best even when life was hard. She knew every weakness paved the way for strength, and these are lessons I continue to cling to as an adult everyday in my personal and professional life.
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  • Featured Alumna - March 2022

    It is a fitting time to reflect on how Chicago Christian High School opened up so many opportunities for me now that it has been a decade since my graduation. I greatly enjoyed my time as a student at CCHS. I made lasting friendships with my peers and bonded with several teachers. I recall with fondness class with Dr. Kuipers who made Honors Chemistry both challenging and fun. Though I did not always receive high marks in his class, I felt encouraged to keep pursuing a career in the sciences when I went off to college. I felt similarly stretched in AP Spanish with Profe Hills, and I may not have studied abroad in Costa Rica during college (which is where – through God’s providence – I met my husband) had I not taken his class. I also have to thank Mr. Siemer for helping me improve my writing skills; it was in his class that grammar really clicked for me. Thanks to these and many other teachers at CCHS who invested in me and fueled my love for learning, I graduated with a GPA that helped me get a good scholarship to Seattle Pacific University (SPU).
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  • Featured Alumna - February 2022

    Michelle Dykstra '92 Snyder
    When I reflect back on my time at CCHS, I can see how the values emphasized there—particularly those of community and servant leadership—permeate what I do.  Whether it be in the relationships I build with students and colleagues, the emphasis on inclusion, equity and justice I strive to promote in my classroom and laboratory, or the ways in which I approach the field of Immunology and its relation to public health (particularly in the face of a global pandemic), these values shine through even after all these years.
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  • Featured Alumna - January 2022

    Laura Henke '04 Goosens
    The way my time at Chicago Christian High School impacted me the most is how prepared I felt for college after leaving high school. The hardworking teachers who truly took the time to invest in me as a student made a direct impact on the confidence I felt transitioning into college.
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  • Induction into Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education when Aaron received his Masters degree in Literacy Education at NIU

    Featured Alumnus - November 2021

    Aaron Lewis '93
    I am so glad that I received such a great education from teachers who prepared me for life beyond high school.  Some of the teachers who made an impact on me were Mr. Carpenter, Mr. Kloosterman, Mr. John Meyer, and Mr. Gary Meyer.  They, along with several others throughout my high school years, not only taught enriching subjects but also life lessons that I have carried on into my teaching of students today. 
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