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At Chicago Christian, we are preparing our graduates to be followers of Christ, seekers of knowledge, pursuers of justice and caretakers of creation.  Our hope is that students will continue to engage the world and culture and serve society wholeheartedly in order to glorify God by honoring him in all aspects of their lives.  

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  • Joseph Slawinski

    Featured Alumnus - February 2020

    Joseph Slawinski '07
    The four years which I spent at Chicago Christian High School were some of the best of my life. I know that this is a pretty cliché thing to say. I know that our parents always warned us that we should treasure the moments we had in high school because they would be our best years, but in my case, I think that the cliché holds up. Not only was high school great because of the time spent with friends who remain my closest friends to this day, but it was also great because of the quality, Christian education which we all received.
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  • Featured Alumna - December 2019

    Allison Tanis '13
    My name is Allison Tanis and I am a 2013 Chicago Christian High School graduate. Today I am living in Germany on an 18-month assignment through my company, Aldi Corporation. It was in high school when I developed my love for international people and cultures.
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  • Featured Alumna - November 2019

    Sara Hutt '94 DeBoer
    My years at CCHS, from 1990 - 1994, were full and enriching. Academically, I was most intrigued by the humanities--history, religion, social studies, and literature. I had many memorable and impactful teachers, especially Mr. Griffieon and Mrs. VandenBosch.
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  • Featured Alumna - October 2019

    Monica Albers '11
    During my time at CCHS, I learned a lot academically and spiritually and benefited from a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. As a transfer student, I can say there was a difference I noticed immediately, and that this school came to me at an important time – for which I’ll always be grateful. 
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  • Featured Alumnus - September 2019

    Uriah Berryhill '09
    I started CCHS in 2005 and graduated in 2009. Wow, it’s officially been 10 years since I graduated high school! I knew this day would come, but it truly flew past, and I thank God for his grace that stayed with my family and me all four years. My time at CCHS seems like a blur, but I still remember all the greatness that came from my time there. 
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  • Featured Alumnus - August 2019

    Brodie Meyer '13
    I transferred to CCHS when I was a junior in high school, and it was one of the best
    decisions that I have ever made. CCHS is where I worked with some incredible coaches -
    helping me to achieve my goal of playing baseball in college.
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