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At Chicago Christian, we are preparing our graduates to be followers of Christ, seekers of knowledge, pursuers of justice and caretakers of creation.  Our hope is that students will continue to engage the world and culture and serve society wholeheartedly in order to glorify God by honoring him in all aspects of their lives.  

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    Heather Roozeboom 

    Student Recruitment, Alumni Relations, & Teacher-Spanish CCHS
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Featured Alumni

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  • Featured Alumna - February 2024

    Anne Larsen '95 VanderWeele
    I remember my time at Chicago Christian High School fondly. Without a doubt, I formed lifetime friendships that continue to bring joy and support to my life. I was able to be a part of a lot of things, including student council, yearbook, basketball, and theater, which I really enjoyed. I remember an epic food fight and dances in the cafeteria, and sweating my ability to make it from A hall to C hall in time for class. I am indebted to CCHS for providing me with an education that grounded me in my faith. Every time I say the Apostles Creed, I remember Mr. Van Kampen's exposition on the importance of the word "seated", in the sentence "seated at the right hand of God the Father Almighty". God's salvation work was complete and there was nothing more to be added to on my end. I remember teachers who cared enough about us to allow us to ask difficult questions about the world, our faith, and what it meant for our lives. 
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  • Featured Alumnus - January 2024

    Jeremy Engbers '10
    My dad was hired as the guidance counselor at Chicago Christian in 1994. For 16 years, I roamed the hallways of CCHS, put up shots in the gym, and sat in the college counseling room outside of my dad’s office. By the time I arrived as a freshman, I already had a deep sense of pride in being a Knight - going to CCHS vs. Illiana basketball games since you were 3 years old will undoubtedly do that to you.

    Chicago Christian was much more than just school to me. It was, in many ways, a place where I felt at home. Summing up all of those years is challenging, and I’m not sure I would be able to do any of it justice. I have several fond memories in the classrooms and hallways, on the athletic fields, and in the auditorium.
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  • Featured Alumnus - December 2023

    Aaron Doorn '12
    Looking back at the four years I spent roaming the halls of Chicago Christian High School, I could recount many great memories of my time there.  I made many great friends and had the privilege of participating in numerous extracurricular activities, including basketball, WYSE team, and a scholastic bowl team that placed second in the state.  I also distinctly remember being challenged academically in ways that undoubtedly prepared me for my future, taking a keen interest in my science courses in particular.   Above all, I think back to the great example of Christian faith that was present at CCHS.  From the teachers as well as other staff, you could hear and see their faith firsthand both in and out of the classroom.  Varsity basketball coach Kevin Pittman was always quick to remind us that first and foremost he wanted us to become great men of Christ more so than just good basketball players. 
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  • Feature Alumna - November 2023

    Mykela Deckinga '13 Howes
    It is hard to believe it has been a decade since I graduated from Chicago Christian. As I reflect on my four years at CCHS, I can hear the shouts from Spirit Week competitions, visualize the faces of my peers, and feel the joy of the inaugural Senior Tailgate, celebrating our accomplishments and enjoying each other’s company before we parted ways. During my time at CCHS, I participated in tennis, basketball and various other extracurricular clubs and activities.  The “CCHS Difference” is evident in each teacher, administrator and coach hired to lead and educate students in a Christ-like manner. I am thankful for coaches like Mrs. Rager and Mr. Pittman for caring about character, teamwork and building community while displaying leadership both on the court and in the classrooms. I have fond memories of serving alongside my peers and teachers on Kingdom Building days pursuing what it means to serve others in your community.
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  • Paul at his office at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

    Featured Alumnus - October 2023

    Paul VanderLaan MD, PhD '96
    Where did the time go? A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of experiencing one of those touchstone moments in life…attending one’s 25th-year high school reunion. A welcome homecoming of sorts, being decades since I’ve been back to the places of youth. On the day of the reunion, I spent the morning driving around the southwest suburbs, retracing my journey through the Southwest Chicago Christian School system. Starting with the Oak Lawn campus, the memories were kicked off with sights of the familiar wood-chip playground and the parking spot for Bus 40 that transported me to and from school each day. Next, I headed south to the Tinley Campus, situated right across the parking lot from Faith Church where many hours were spent on weekday evenings in my grey shirt and kerchief as a Calvinist Cadet and Sunday mornings as a congregant. Seeing those familiar buildings, I was reminded of that brand-new school building feel that welcomed me back in the late ‘80s. Finally, I capped off the day’s Odyssean journey with a return to CCHS.
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  • Featured Alumna - September 2023

    Sheila Nelson '95 Sanders
    I was enrolled in the SCCS system from kindergarten through my senior year of high school.  Mrs. Triemstra was my kindergarten teacher and my children's kindergarten teacher, too!  I loved the science classes at CCHS and bonded with Mr. Kroon.  We always celebrated Mole Day, and he taught me so much about his love of chemistry.  I even minored in Chemistry in college!  I married Clinton in 1999.  We have two children, both of whom went through SCCS from kindergarten through high school.  Ryne graduated in 2019 and Sophia graduated in 2020.
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