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  • Featured Alumna - November 2019

    Sara Hutt '94 DeBoer
    My years at CCHS, from 1990 - 1994, were full and enriching. Academically, I was most intrigued by the humanities--history, religion, social studies, and literature. I had many memorable and impactful teachers, especially Mr. Griffieon and Mrs. VandenBosch.
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  • Featured Alumna - October 2019

    Monica Albers '11
    During my time at CCHS, I learned a lot academically and spiritually and benefited from a supportive and encouraging atmosphere. As a transfer student, I can say there was a difference I noticed immediately, and that this school came to me at an important time – for which I’ll always be grateful. 
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  • Featured Alumnus - September 2019

    Uriah Berryhill '09
    I started CCHS in 2005 and graduated in 2009. Wow, it’s officially been 10 years since I graduated high school! I knew this day would come, but it truly flew past, and I thank God for his grace that stayed with my family and me all four years. My time at CCHS seems like a blur, but I still remember all the greatness that came from my time there. 
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  • Featured Alumnus - August 2019

    Brodie Meyer '13
    I transferred to CCHS when I was a junior in high school, and it was one of the best
    decisions that I have ever made. CCHS is where I worked with some incredible coaches -
    helping me to achieve my goal of playing baseball in college.
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  • Featured Alumna - July 2019

    Amy Bulthuis Huckstep '05
    It's hard to believe that I graduated from CCHS 14 years ago! I look back fondly on my four years there. It certainly doesn't seem that long ago that I was balancing equations in Dr. Kuipers' chemistry class, computing the area beneath a curve in Dr. Roose's calculus...
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  • Featured Alumnus - June 2019

    Doug Pruim '93
    I attended CCHS from 1989 to 1993, but my family had been part of the community, including Southwest Christian, for much longer. My sister was a few years ahead of me; she was a senior when I was a freshman. My parents had also attended...
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