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At Chicago Christian, we are preparing our graduates to be followers of Christ, seekers of knowledge, pursuers of justice and caretakers of creation.  Our hope is that students will continue to engage the world and culture and serve society wholeheartedly in order to glorify God by honoring him in all aspects of their lives.  

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    Heather Roozeboom 

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Featured Alumni

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  • Featured Alumnus -- September 2020

    Anthony Wofford '09
    My name is Anthony Wofford, and I am a Chicago Christian alum from the class of 2009.  During my time at Chicago Christian, I was fortunate to build friendships that will last for a lifetime.  Some of my favorite memories from Chicago Christian were made with people who I consider my friends still to this day.  From attending CCHS I was given the opportunity to interact with people from different walks of life and gain a new perspective of life.
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  • Featured Alumnus - August 2020

    Mike Melody '16
    In retrospect, I am so thankful to the Lord for the love of Christ that I experienced when I was welcomed at CCHS with open arms. Teachers resembled Christ in their care for the worries and anxieties of students in a way that I had not felt before. I was blessed specifically by the zeal for God of Mr. Tony Domanik, the meekness and humility of Mr. Kreykes, and the tenderhearted listening of Mrs. Lenters. I also found great joy in participating in baseball, DECA, choir, and theatre.
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  • Featured Alumna - June 2020

    Sarah Gliwa '11 Kotan
    The four years I spent at Chicago Christian High School were a time of personal growth for me. I was a shy, quiet student with a handful of close friends....I may not have known who I was or who I would be at the time, but I’m thankful for the Christ-centered philosophy at Chicago Christian....I’m thankful for all of the teachers who put up with me and who prayed for me, as they continually pray for every student who walks through their doors. I may not have appreciated it at the time, but the daily reminders I witnessed of God’s love, sovereignty, and faithfulness in every area of life helped to anchor my own faith in Christ.
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  • Featured Alumna - May 2020

    Annalee Hoekstra
    Chicago Christian really helped build the foundation of my life. I did not realize or appreciate it at the moment, but the more I look back, the more grateful I am. My high school experience allowed me many educational and personal growth opportunities that were all backed by strong, God-fearing individuals.
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  • Coach Potter

    Featured Alumnus - April 2020

    Josh Potter '12
    The four years students spend in high school really do help change them in previously unexplored ways. The pressure of adulthood arises for the first time, while students still feel and act like kids. We use the term “find themselves,” and truly this is what happens for students in high school. For those four influential years, I had the privilege of attending Chicago Christian High School. Walking in as a freshman, I took for granted all that Chicago Christian had to offer me not only academically as a student but also as a developing Christian. To be honest, I wasn’t the top of my class, I often found myself getting into trouble, and I skated by acting like a Christian but not owning my own faith. The reason why I am grateful for Chicago Christian is for the teachers that looked past all of the immature antics and saw my potential as a student, an athlete, and a Christian. Every teacher I had cared about me like I was their son—yes, I did have my mother as a teacher; but this isn’t what I am talking about. It was a kind of love and compassion that I realized can be compared to the love God has for his children.
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  • Featured Alumna - March 2020

    Ana VanLonkhuyzen '12
    High school is an extremely valuable and yet fragile time in a young adult’s life. I remember having no clue who I was or what my life would look like in the future, but I also remember the impact of those who saw my potential and spoke the life-giving words of a bright future into my soul. My time at CCHS taught me to seek the Lord and His desires before my own comfort while abiding with Him so that His desires would become my own. I was challenged to burst out of my own bubble in order to share in the lives of others.
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