Rebecca Caudill Award

The new list for 2016- 2017 is featured below.  Students in grades 6-8 may participate in this program, and have until the end of March to complete their reading. All of these books are available at our school library or a local public library. Each time a student finishes a title, he or she will take a brief quiz in the library. During April, participants will celebrate with a pizza lunch, a sub lunch, and if they've read enough, a shopping trip to Barnes and Noble bookstore in Orland Park.

Starting over the Summer?



Click here to answer some questions about the books you read so they can be recorded for you when you come back! You will need an email address to record your responses.


Not all books may be on the final SCCS-Oak Lawn list.  Students will get credit for all books that they read even if they are not on our list.

As always, students are encouraged to read with discernment and with an eye out for God's revelation.

 Click here for a printable version of the list.

Bertman, Jennifer
The Book Scavenger


Brown, Don
Drowned City:  Hurrican Katrina and New Orleans
Chmakova, Svetlana
Connor, Leslie
All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook


Eagar, Lindsay
Hour of the Bees


Ganda, Martin
I Will Always Write Back


Hilton, Marilyn
Full Cicada Moon


Holt, K.A.
House Arrest


Jamieson, Victoria
Roller Girl


Lai, Thanhha
Listen, Slowly


Leyson, Leon
The Boy on the Wooden Box


Nielsen, Jennifer A.
A Night Divided


Pearsall, Shelley
The Seventh Most Important Thing


Priest, Cherie
I Am Princess X


Sachar, Louis
Fuzzy Mud


Schmidt, Gary D.
Orbiting Jupiter
Smith, Roland
Stead, Rebecca
Goodbye Stranger
Sullivan, Tara
The Bitter Side of Sweet
Tyre, Lisa Lewis
Last in a Long Line of Rebels




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