Chicago Christian High School

Welcome to Chicago Christian High School!  CCHS is focused on the achievement and discipleship of future leaders.  As you become acquainted with our people and our programs, I trust that you will see this as a school where your son or daughter can thrive as they develop their unique combination of gifts and talents.  At Chicago Christian High School, we know that our calling is one of Preparation - for life, for learning, and for Kingdom service. 

Our vision is to be:

 A Christ-centered learning community intent on restoring God's World

Our evidence that we invite you to inspect includes:

  • ACT scores - 50% of all Chicago Christian students met all four ACT benchmarks (composite score 24.1) compared to a state average of 26% (composite score 20.7).
  • Challenging curriculum with Regular, Honors, and AP classes - 82% of Chicago Christian students taking Advanced Placement exams scored a passing score or higher.
  • Growing interest in world and local missions.
  • An environment that is conducive to student growth.
  • A positive peer group for your children.

Once you have browsed our website, please visit our Admissions Office to find out how to start your child's journey at Chicago Christian High School.


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Southwest Chicago Christian Schools

12001 S Oak Park Avenue
Palos Heights IL 60463

Phone: 708.388.7650
Fax: 708.388.0154


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