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We are a Christ centered learning community intent on restoring God's world.  It is our desire to challenge our students to be excellent in all they do, glorifying their Creator - developing a child's head, heart and hands. We are excited to share with you our rigorous learning environment that will stimulate your child's mind and engage their soul. Southwest Chicago Christian School - Oak Lawn is a diverse campus, drawing from a wide area which includes the city of Chicago and its suburbs to the south and west.   Walk through our hallways, enter our classrooms, and experience an engaging curriculum that powerfully links faith and learning. If you would like to learn more about the rigorous learning environment here at Southwest Chicago Christian School - Oak Lawn, consider visiting with us at one of the many Open House opportunities listed on the sidebar of this page or by calling 708.636.8550.

"Jesus began to teach them saying..."

"Jesus began to teach them saying..." is our chapel theme for the 2016-17 school year. The students will be focusing on the topic of the parables of Jesus, and how through these stories they can experience a deeper meaning of God's kingdom. Using John 8:31b-32 as our theme verse, we hope that the students begin to understand and experience the truth of the gospel, and grow in their faith each day. 

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When students learn about God's creation, they get a glimpse of God's majesty and their minds are drawn to Him ... and when they spend time with Christian teachers transformed by the Holy Spirit, they will learn how to love God with all their soul.  - Dr. David Claud, parent

You know those ridiculously busy days parents can have - the ones that start way too early, end way too late, and sadly include only quick hellos or good-byes with your kids?  Christian education is my crucial partner on those days.  I may miss dinner time devotions or bed-time prayers, but I know my kid's teachers have been incorporating faith into their student's lives all day long.  I took this for granted as a student of Christian education, but I am immensely grateful for it now.  - Josh Larsen, parent





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