Featured Alumnus - December 2023

Aaron Doorn '12
Looking back at the four years I spent roaming the halls of Chicago Christian High School, I could recount many great memories of my time there.  I made many great friends and had the privilege of participating in numerous extracurricular activities, including basketball, WYSE team, and a scholastic bowl team that placed second in the state.  I also distinctly remember being challenged academically in ways that undoubtedly prepared me for my future, taking a keen interest in my science courses in particular.   Above all, I think back to the great example of Christian faith that was present at CCHS.  From the teachers as well as other staff, you could hear and see their faith firsthand both in and out of the classroom.  Varsity basketball coach Kevin Pittman was always quick to remind us that first and foremost he wanted us to become great men of Christ more so than just good basketball players.  

After graduating from CCHS, I went on to Calvin College (not yet Calvin University at that point) and received a degree in Kinesiology with a minor in Psychology.  While there, I made many new friendships, some of which I’m sure will last the rest of my life.  I also met my wife, Erika, during my second year of college.  I write this just a few weeks following our 6th wedding anniversary.  After finishing at Calvin, I went on to Grand Valley State University.  In addition to making more lifelong friends, I received my Doctor of Physical Therapy degree just a few short years later in 2019.  Since then, I have worked in a few different clinical settings.  I started out in vestibular therapy at an ENT office prior to 3 years at a busy outpatient orthopedic clinic in Plainwell, MI (just north of Kalamazoo).  In 2021, Erika and I welcomed healthy twin boys, Grayson and Easton, into our lives.  Parenthood has both challenged and blessed us in so many ways!  Recently, I’ve started a whole new adventure.  In May of 2023, I set out on my own and opened my very own physical therapy practice, One Up Physical Therapy and Performance.  Doing so has brought a whole new set of challenges as well as a renewed sense of faith in God to provide.

My time at CCHS was integral in my development, both academically and spiritually.  The rigorous academics prepared me for the years of challenging schoolwork ahead.  More importantly, the great faith evidenced in the teachers and staff gave me a solid foundation to build on for the challenges to come.  It helped me chart my own faith journey after leaving home for college. It gave comfort when I was unsure if I had chosen the correct career path.  Now, it has given me the courage and patience to embark on this new journey knowing I serve a God who is faithful and generous to those who trust Him.