Featured Alumnus - August 2019

Brodie Meyer '13
CCHS is where I first learned
calculus and physics - the basis of engineering, computing, and the business that I am involved
with today. CCHS is where I learned about myself, my faith, and how to attempt to find balance
in life. It was a place where I started to become my own person, learning how to roll with the
punches and to keep on moving forward.
Since graduating CCHS in 2013, I moved to Indianapolis in order to attend Butler
University and pursue my dream to play college baseball. I did not receive a full scholarship, so
my parents had to help me out financially, and the only way that they would be willing to do so is
if I studied something rooted in mathematics. I decided to enroll in Butler’s dual degree program
with IUPUI, giving me the opportunity to study economics at Butler and mechanical engineering
at Purdue. I quickly fell in love with engineering, business, and the idea of building companies.
Today, I am the CEO of a software company called FuseMe, Inc., based in Indianapolis. Our
team works with higher-ed institutions and employers in order to help speed up the recruiting
process. We just closed our Series Seed financing round, which included 10 strategic investors
and a valuation of $3 Million.
My time at CCHS was critical to my college and professional lives. In one way or
another, the people around me at CCHS helped to shape me into who I am and who I aspire to
be. My most valued time at CCHS was not the time spent in the classroom - it was the time
spent building relationships with the amazing people in that community. These people have
been there for me through the toughest times that I have ever experienced. I was blessed to
have made some lifelong friends at Chi High - some who I see every time that I come back to
Chicago, some that I need to get back in touch with, and a couple who still inspire me from the
grave. Thank you, CCHS!