• Choir Director  Southwest Chicago Christian School has an opening for a full-time choir director for the 2018-2019 school year. Southwest Chicago Christian School has three campuses: elementary campuses in Oak Lawn and Tinley Park and a high school located in Palos Heights, all in the southwest suburbs of Chicago. This position involves leading choirs at all three campuses. We seek individuals who are driven by excellence, care deeply about their students, and are willing to develop healthy, nurturing relationships in and outside the classroom.  The preferred candidate will also have an appreciation for music as a gift from God to be developed and nurtured in students as well as a desire to collaborate in a professional learning community.

    Applicants must profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and meet all the criteria for employment as required by the Southwest Chicago Christian School Association and have a valid teaching certificate. Experience in a high school setting is preferred. If interested please send cover letter and resume to superintendent, Henry Doorn at hdoorn@swchristian.org.  For an application, click on Teacher Application below.

  • Part-time bus drivers  The Transportation Department seeks part time bus drivers for athletic and extra-curricular events as well as for route substitutes.  A valid CDL and bus permit is desirable although training is available.  Interested parties should contact Marty Kuipers, Driver Coordinator, at (708) 636-8622.
  • Substitute Teachers  Southwest Chciago Christian School is seeking teachers to substitute at all three of our campuses: Oak Lawn campus, Preschool - 8th Grade; Tinley Park campus, Preschool - 8th Grade; and at Chciago Christian High School in Palos Heights.  Interested parties should complete a Substitute Teacher Application on our website and forward to Henry Doorn, Superintendent at hdoorn@swchristian.org.


Profile of a Teacher

Our Mission

Southwest Chicago Christian School Association provides a high quality PreK-12 education program in the Reformed tradition which emphasizes the lordship of Jesus Christ over all of Life. It prepares students spiritually, socially, academically, and physically to serve society effectively and to glorify God by honoring Him in all aspects of Life.

Our Vision

A Christ-centered Learning Community Intent on Restoring God’s World.

What kind of teacher are we looking for?

Christ-centered – before going any further, we want to know if you are a Christian. Are you living for yourself, or have you surrendered to the Lordship of Christ? Are you a member of a church that adheres to Reformed Confessional Standards? Is your interest in this school stimulated by a prayerful seeking after God’s will? Will this be a calling or a job?

We are a Learning Community. All of our efforts are measured by student achievement and discipleship. We are guided by the four questions of a Learning Community: 

  • What will my students learn?
  • How will they show they have learned it?
  • What will I do if they are not learning it?
  • What will I do if they already know it?

We are Intent on Restoring God’s World – we are not just waiting for Christ’s return; we are not waiting until our students graduate; we are not waiting until things get better – as Christians, we are called to a ministry of reconciliation right now. Whether studying math or music, geography or psychology, our learning is guided by the tenets of Reformed Theology:

  • Creation – God created this world perfectly.
  • Fall – because of sin, all of creation is marred.
  • Redemption – God sent Christ to pay the penalty for sin and to redeem us.
  • Restoration – as we wait to be fully united with our Heavenly Father, He asks us to use our time on earth to love Him, to serve Him, and to make life better for others – those I can see, those far away, and those that have not been born yet.

From both research and observation, we know the single greatest contributing factor to an effective and growing school is an excellent faculty. The SCCS Administration and Board understand that mastery is a process, and it is our commitment to this community to recruit and retain teachers that are focused on growth. This rubric identifies the qualities of Master Teachers, Proficient Teachers, Beginning Teachers and teachers who do not meet the following standards:

  • Standard 1:      Instruction: Planning and Preparation for Learning
  • Standard 2:      Assessment of and for Learning
  • Standard 3:      The Learning Environment
  • Standard 4:      Professional Responsibilities
  • Standard 5:      Community Relations

In order to provide for faculty excellence, the administration will:

  • Choose new faculty carefully
  • Orient new faculty thoroughly
  • Evaluate all faculty regularly
  • Assist all faculty to grow professionally
  • Remunerate all faculty fairly
  • Support all faculty spiritually


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