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Back on Campus August 20!

August 12, 2020
As previously communicated, Southwest Chicago Christian School and Chicago Christian High School have partnered with Base Camp Health and their back-to-school safety platform called Ascend. Ascend is a web-based system that will help us protect our students and staff from the spread of COVID-19. The Ascend platform gives our school leaders the real-time information they need to assess the risk of virus spread through our community and take proactive steps to keep infected individuals off campus and return them back to campus in a healthy way as quickly as possible.

You will receive an email this week with instructions to set up your Ascend account. This email will come directly from Base Camp Health. Please follow instructions to set up your Ascend account as soon as possible. Ascend is easy to use. Before school each day, staff and students will take a 30-second survey, answering questions about their symptoms and any known exposure to COVID-19. The platform will combine that information with contextual data and other risk factors to tell each student or staff member whether to report to campus that day or not. The Ascend daily directives will be used in conjunction with SCCS school policies and procedures.

The platform keeps data protected, in accordance with the 1996 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). HIPAA and FERPA require that healthcare data be protected with stringent privacy procedures, and our partnership with Base Camp Health will be 100% compliant with appropriate privacy regulations.

The Ascend platform makes use of the most current data protection measures available, from data encryption to secure site protocols for the physical locations of servers to protect data. Data security is a primary focus of Base Camp Health, and their Ascend application deploys industry-leading protection measures for our staff and student information. Our students, staff, and their families can be assured both that users are protected from data risk and that HIPAA and FERPA provisions will be fully met by this partnership.

Please refer to the Q&A (at right) for more information about the Base Camp Health partnership, and the Ascend platform. Keep an eye out for your email invitation from Base Camp Health. If you have questions, please contact your campus principal or Jean Bergeson, or 708-388-7656. Thank you in advance for your prompt participation.

Henry Doorn, Jr.

SCCS Education Plans & Information

Administration & Association Office

Henry Doorn

Jean Bergeson
Director-Mission Advancement

Beth Goodfellow
Business Manager

Association Office Phone:  708.388.7656

Oak Lawn Campus

Nate Pettinga, Principal

Carol DenBesten, Secretary

Tinley Park Campus

Phil Siemer, Principal

Rebekah Huiner, Secretary

Mary Vos, Secretary

Tinley Park Communications

Chicago Christian High School

Mike Drury, Principal

Kay Espinosa, Secretary

Nena Heard, Secretary

Chicago Christian Communications

Campus Reopening Task Force

Henry Doorn, Superintendent - Co-chair
Suzanne DeBoer, Curriculum Director - Co-chair

  • Jean Bergeson, Director-Mission Advancement
  • Laura Conley, Transportation Manager
  • Mike Drury, CCHS Principal
  • Grace Furlong, Tinley Park Teacher
  • Tony Gabrielse, Tinley Park Teacher and Technology Coach
  • Beth Goodfellow, Business Manager
  • Nathan Jann, Director-Technology
  • Kristin Kruzich, Oak Lawn Teacher
  • Nate Pettinga, Oak Lawn Principal
  • Linda Potter, CCHS Teacher and Registrar
  • Steve Summers, Facilities Manager
  • Faith Triemstra, Oak Lawn Teacher

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