"One generation shall commend your works to another; and shall declare your mighty acts."  Psalm 145:4


Our best investment in the future is to build a solid spiritual foundation in children today.  In a confusing world, Christian education is more important than ever.  The Southwest Chicago Christian Schools Association has a vision to restore God's world by providing a Christ-centered education.  Modernizing and expanding our campuses will support dynamic and engaging education, expand our space as enrollment grows, and reinvigorate our school community. By investing today, we can ensure our school flourishes - now and in the future.  But we cannot accomplish this alone.


When you give today, you will support quality education that:
Focuses on the centrality of Christ
Celebrates the diversity of our community
Transforms students through their ownership of learning
Develops God given gifts with expanded opportunities
Invests in students through committed faculty
Creates a lasting impact for God's kingdom

Campaign Update

We had such a fun night on October 12th at our Unveiling Event.  Almost 550 people from our community attended - praise God! Thank you to our sponsors that made this amazing night possible, and the many that worked behind the scenes - especially our Events Team.  We enjoyed wonderful music thanks to the Chicago Christian Concert and Flute Choirs. 

Superintendent Mark Hamstra explained his vision for Southwest Chicago Christian and Chicago Christian High School.  Campaign Steering Chair Jenny Harris shared the exciting news that we had already raised $10.7 Million for a $16.5 Million campaign! To learn more about our Capital Campaign, and the plans we have for all three of our campuses, check out our RESOURCES below.  The Case Statement provides the WHY and the HOW of this campaign, plus the renderings for all three of our campuses.  It also shares how you can partner with us in this endeavor. 



Contact Jean Bergeson, Director-Mission Advancement
708-388-7656, ext. 1052 or JBergeson@swchristian.org.

From our Community

I'm so glad we have the opportunity to gather twice a week for worship and chapel. It's a great thing to see a whole bunch of kids my own age, praising God.
- Damaris Salcedo, Senior-Chicago Christian High School

I chose Chicago Christian High School for the community. Not only were the teachers welcoming from the very beginning, it was my classmates too that I was able to foster relationships with over four years and that I've maintained until this very day.  That community made me feel like I belonged to something.  At CCHS, you can be yourself and still be Christ-like.
- Farrell Winchester, Assistant Basketball Coach; Alumnus, Class of 2016