Join us at Chicago Christian High School for some fun and exciting camps this summer!  There are camps for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  Our staff includes dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, coaches, students, and other community members that want to help campers sharpen their God-given skills.

(Chicago Christian High School athletes can sign up for their high school sport camps via the Enrollment Button above as well.)

Enrichment Camps

Cake Decorating, Co-Ed                                              4 to 8th Grade
Learn some fun cake decorating techniques with Mrs. Laura Broekstra Winthrop.  Mrs. Winthrop is the fun, quirky art teacher at SCCS with over 30 years of experience with cakes, crafts, and colors.  She lives in the House of YES (meaning her house is where you go to make every variation of slime) with her family and currently, with 4 bunnies, 1 poison dart frog, 1 leopard gecko and 5 chicks.  What's the best part of camp?  The creative and delicious cake each camper gets to take home!  Campers should bring an apron.
Counselor:  Laura Broekstra Winthrop, SCCS Teacher                                                                 
Cost:  $65
Dates: June 11-14, 9am-12pm
Registration Deadline:  6/7/18
Maximum number of campers:  10, first come-first served
Location:  CCHS

Photography, Co-Ed                                                              6 to 8th Grade
God's Creation Through Your Camera Lens
Click!  Do you love taking pictures?  Looking through the lens and focusing on one up close object or framing a view can help you notice and appreciate God's creation in a new way.  Most of our time will be spent outdoors planning, framing, and snapping photos.  We'll explore some of the natural areas at Trinity Christian College and along the Cal Sag pathway.  Discussions will focus on elements of composition like the rule of thirds and leading line.  Campers will learn to use Google Photos to make their creations shine.  Campers will print and frame a few favorites for the art show held at the end of the week.  Campers should bring a digital camera, smartphone with camera, or iPad/iPod - plus a cord to attach device to printer. 
Counselor:  Mrs. Karen Reppman, SCCS Teacher                                                                
Cost:  $80
Dates: June 24-29, 9am-12pm
Registration Deadline:  6/20/18
Maximum number of campers:  10, first come-first served
Location:  CCHS

Stay & Serve MISSION Camp                                                         6th to 8th Grade
Want to experience a mission trip without the trip?  Campers will have a chance for spiritual growth opportunities, serve in the Chicago community, and get to know new friends in a fun setting.  CCHS students will serve as mentors.  The last day of camp includes an optional extended time for a fun activity.  Pool?  Gizmo's?  
Counselors:  Mrs. Lisa Schnyders and Mrs. Rebecca Zylstra, CCHS Teachers                                                        
Cost:  $80
Dates: July 9-12, 1-4pm

Registration Deadline:  7/5/18
Maximum number of campers:  15 (call if wait listed)
Location:  CCHS and Local Outings

Way Cool Science Lab                                                                  Kindergarten to 2nd Grade and 3rd to 5th Grade
Does your student love to read?  Love science?  This is a fun camp to stimulate interest in both STEM and reading!  Each camp explores different aspects of our natural world and integrates science, hands on experiments, and literature.  K-2nd campers will read the  Hear Your Heart book and learn about heart health and how the heart works.  3-5th Grade campers will focus on the Chemical Change Cafe, exploring the differences between chemical and physical changes by observing a variety of changes in matter.  Camps utilize the award-winning Picture Perfect Science Lessons created by the National Science Teachers Association.
Counselors:  Mrs. Kim Vilendrer and Mrs. Cory Jansen, CCHS Science/STEM Teachers                                                        
Cost:  $80
Dates: July 9-12

Times:  Kind - 2nd 9-10:30am and 3-5th 10:30-12pm
Registration Deadline:  7/1/18
Maximum number of campers:  10, first come-first served
Location:  CCHS

Athletic Camps

Baseball, Boys                                                            5 to 8th Grade
This 4-day camp is led by the Chicago Christian baseball coaches, with support from the high school players.  Coach Schaaf has over ten years’ experience coaching youth, high school and college level athletes.  Your camper will meet current players, make new friends, and have fun learning about the game of baseball through various drills and games. 
Coach:  Bob Schaaf                                                               
Cost:  $65
Dates: June 25-28, 11am-12:30pm
Registration Deadline:  6/2/18
Location: CCHS Baseball Field

Basketball, Boys                                                         4 to 6th Grade and 7 to 8th Grade
This 4-day camp focuses on fundamental skill development.  It is led by Coach Pittman who has been head basketball coach at Chicago Christian for 12 years.  He has completed 181 wins!  Assistant coaches and varsity players will also work with campers.
Coach:  Kevin Pittman                                                               
Cost:  $65
4-6th Grade:  June 11-14, 9 to 11am
7-8th Grade:  June 11-14, 9 to 11am
Registration Deadline:  6/10/18 
Location:  CCHS Main Gym

Basketball, Girls                                                          4 to 6th Grade and 7 to 8th Grade
This 4-day camp focuses on fundamental skill development.  It is led by Coach Kreykes who has several years’ experience coaching JV and varsity basketball.  He is heading into his 2nd year as CCHS’ varsity girls coach.  Assistant coaches and varsity players will also work with campers.
Coach:  Ken Kreykes                                                                  
Cost:  $65
4-6th Grade: June 25-28, 3 to 4:30pm
7-8th Grade: June 25-28, 4:30 to 6pm
Registration Deadline:  6/24/18
Location:  CCHS Main Gym

Cheerleading, Girls                                                     5 to 8th Grade
This fun camp will show your athlete how to cheer the Knight way!  Campers will learn fun cheers and chants, and will hone skills with stunting, pyramids and dancing.  All levels of experience are welcome.  Ms. Arp, varsity coach, will lead with help from assistant coach, Mrs. Kamp and CCHS cheerleaders.
Coach: Rebecca Arp                                                                                 
Cost:  $65
Dates: July 9-12, 9-11:30am
Registration deadline:  July 5, 2018
Location:  CCHS Slager Gym
Football, Boys                                                              5 to 8th Grade
This 3-day camp will give campers an opportunity to learn safe and effective techniques for football in a non-contact environment including drills, character coaching, and fun competitions.  It is open to campers of all experience levels.  Coach Cook, head varsity coach, will run the camp.  He has 18 years of coaching experience including high school and NCAA DI Level.  Assistant coaches and varsity players will also work with campers.
Coach:  Nick Cook                                                                                   
Cost:  $65
Dates: July 16-18, 2-4 pm
Registration Deadline:  7/14/18
Location:  CCHS Stadium

Running, Co-Ed                                                             5 to 8th Grade
This camp is led by Coach Christiansen who has managed the Chicago Christian teams to championship 9 times during his 6 years as coach.  The camp is for all experience levels.  Assistant coaches and athletes will also work with campers.
Coach:  Jake Christiansen                                                                      
Cost:  $65
Dates: 6 days - June 26, 27 and 29, plus July 10, 11, and 13, 7:30 to 9am
Registration Deadline:  6/25/18
Location:  CCHS Track
Soccer, Co-Ed                                                               6 to 8th Grade
This camp will help develop players of all abilities improve their skills, technique, and conditioning in a fun and competitive environment.  Coach Kirchhoff is entering his 5th season at the helm of both the boys and girls varsity teams at CCHS.  Assistant coaches and varsity players will also work with campers.
Coach:  Kelly Kirchhoff                                                              
Cost:  $65
Dates: July 9-12th, 5 to 7pm
Registration Deadline:  7/9/18
Location:  Shaaf Athletic Fields
Speed Camp, Co-Ed                                                    3 to 5th Grade and 6-8th Grade
This camp is led by Coach Cook, varsity football coach at Chicago Christian who has logged thousands of hours as a strength/ speed coach for youth through college level athletes.  It is designed to provide athletes of all sports with the knowledge of safe and effective methods for improving SPEED, AGILITY, and QUICKNESS.  By focusing on these areas, as well as footwork, proper running form, fine motor skills, and flexibility, this camp will improve performance regardless of sport.
Coach:  Nick Cook                                                                   
Cost:  $65
Dates: 6 days - June 11, 13, and 14, plus Jun 18, 20, and 21
3-5th Grade:  9-9:45am
6-8th Grade:  10-10:45am
Registration Deadline:  6/10/18
Location:  CCHS Stadium

Tennis, Co-Ed                                                                5 to 8th Grade
This camp will focus on fundamentals of the game including forehand, backhand, serving, and footwork.  Campers will enjoy a variety of fun and competitive games and activities to develop their skills.  All ability levels are welcome.  Coach Johnson has led the CCHS team for 4 years, and Coach Vollan is in her 3rd year as assistant.
Coaches:  Brian Johnson and Bre Vollan                                                                 
Cost:  $65
Dates: June 11-14, 3-5pm
Registration Deadline:  7/5/18
Location:  CCHS Tennis Courts

Volleyball, Co-Ed                                                           3 to 5th Grade and 6 to 8th Grade
This camp will focus on the FUNdamentals of the great sport of volleyball.  Campers will enjoy participating in many different drills and games to learn proper form, technique, and footwork.  Coach VanAssen is the head varsity volleyball coach for the girls team at Chicago Christian.  Coach Lindemulder has led the boys team for the last 2 years as it grows to a varsity level sport. Assistant coaches and varsity players will also work with campers.
Coaches:  Karen Van Assen and Deb Lindemulder              
Cost:  $65
Dates: June 18-21                                        
3-5th Grades:  9 to 10:30 am
6-8th Grades:  10:30 am to 12pm
Registration Deadline:  6/18/18
Location:  CCHS Main Gym


Camps Listed by Week


Week of June 11th
Basketball, Boys
Cake Decorating
Speed Camp (thru 6/21)

Week of July 9th
Stay & Serve Mission
Way Cool Science

Week of June 18th

Week of July 16th      

Week of Jun 25th
Basketball, Girls
Running (through 7/13)



For questions about Knights Summer Youth Camp:  Call 708 388 7656
Jean Bergeson at
Tim Schnyders or  

Specific Sport Camp questions can be directed to Chicago Christian Athletic Director, Mark Zylstra:
Call 708 388 7650 or email him at

Minimum of 5 campers required per camp. 
Registration and payment must be made online -- click the "Enroll Youth Camp" button at top of page.
Chicago Christian High School is a member of the Southwest Chicago Christian Schools Association.