Southwest Chicago Christian School is committed to excellence in all areas, especially academics.  We strive for each student to reach his/her maximum God-given potential.  Some measures of our commitment to academic excellence include:

  • Chicago Christian High School composite ACT Score was 23.6 among the highest ACT score in the area.
  • English, Math, Science, and Reading scores are DOUBLE the state average. 
  • 41% of Chicago Christian students met all four ACT benchmarks, nearly DOUBLE the state average of 26%.
  • 71% of Chicago Christian students taking Advanced Placement exams scored a passing score or higher.
  • 8th grade basic skills testing scores top 1% compared to other middle schools


We approach all teaching and learning from a distinctly Christian perspective, with the Bible as our sole source of truth for faith and life.  Our faculty and staff are all committed Christians who love the Lord and who see Christian education as their calling.


At Southwest Chicago Christian Schools, it is our mission to provide a high-quality education program that prepares students academically. Today students need to be equipped and prepared to meet the demands of a world that is quickly making advances in science, technology, engineering, and math. To meet this demand, we offer a comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) curriculum that is integrated into our K-8 Science curriculum called Project Lead the Way (PLTW). PLTW offers two programs called Launch (K-5) and Gateway (6-8). These programs use a structured approach, such as the engineering design process and develop critical thinking skills, that applies STEM knowledge and skills to help students become problem solvers. To learn more information about our STEM program, please schedule a tour or visit our campuses during our scheduled Open House dates.

Chicago Christian High School is the only Project Lead the Way STEM program in the area.  What makes Project Lead the Way STEM courses different than your average STEM courses?  Project Lead the Way is a nonprofit organization that provides engaging and real world learning activities to students.  Chicago Christian High School offers Project Lead the Way STEM courses in the Biomedical and Engineering strands.  Our teachers participate in intense professional development throughout the summer in order to "empower our students to thrive in an evolving world."  Project Lead the Way is a nationally recognized organization recognized by colleges and universities throughout the country, as well as many Fortune 500 companies.  Our teachers provide our students with learning experiences that not only mold them for the future, but make a difference in the world now.  For instance, our Engineering classes design prosthetic hands for children in war torn countries.  Our Biomedical class starts with a crime scene, and the students spend the semester "solving" what happened to the victim.  Opportunities like these allow our students to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills.