The Tuition Rebate Incentive Plan (T.R.I.P.) is an exciting opportunity for families to accumulate tuition credit. Enrollment is available for families who plan to send their children to SCCS in the future, families with children currently enrolled, donors who would like to help another family, persons willing to earn credit for the general tuition assistance fund, and churches interested in accumulating credit for their Christian education fund.

Through this program, bulk quantities of gift certificates/cards from grocery and retail stores are purchased at a discount. The certificates are then sold to participating families at face value. The discount received is passed on to the family in the form of tuition credit.

For example, a family submits an order on Monday for $100 in Jewel certificates. Their order and check are processed and on Thursday that family receives $100 in certificates. We receive a 4% discount for Jewel and this 4% (or $4.00) is applied to the ordering family account as tuition credit. This represents a yearly savings of $208 (just on groceries) if certificates are ordered each week. Combine these earnings with purchases made for over 150 participating merchants available through T.R.I.P. and the savings can really add up!  

There are 40 voucher merchants participating as well. T.R.I.P. voucher purchases do not require you to buy certificates in advance. At the time of making a purchase, a voucher form is presented to the merchant. The merchant completes the form and remits a check to T.R.I.P. for the amount of tuition credit earned. It is then applied to your account.

Each April and October, statements are sent to participating families advising them of the tuition credit they earned. Credit may be deducted from future tuition payments.

T.R.I.P. operates on a weekly basis during the school year with the exception of school holidays, and bi-weekly during the summer. Click here for an operating schedule. Orders must be deposited at any school office on Mondays by 8:30 am. The orders are processed and are available for pick-up on Thursday afternoons or may be brought home by your child if a disclaimer is signed.

To get started, download and print the registration form and return it to the listed address. The $10 operational fee is waived for first time registrants. Upon receipt, you will be issued an account number and will receive instructions and your first ordering envelope by mail.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the T.R.I.P. office at (708) 429-5952 or trip@swchristian.org.