Foundation History

In 1983, a group of visionary individuals saw a need for a way to enable parents, grandparents, and friends of SCCS to make contributions for long term use for Christian education. The result was the establishment of the Southwest Chicago Christian Schools Foundation. It is a permanent fund in which the donor’s gift remains intact. The assets are invested and managed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. Only the income earnings are used to provide an annual source of financial support for the school. The ultimate goal is to have Foundation assets provide 10% of the school’s operating budget.

Foundation Today

Since its inception, the Foundation’s assets have grown from its first gift of $100 to over $7 million and have provided earnings of $4.1 million to the SCCS general operating budget. Obviously, a strong Foundation helps insure that Southwest Chicago Christian Schools can continue into the next generations to provide a Christian education for Christian families.

While a cash donation is always a welcomed gift, the Foundation’s primary growth happens through planned giving, for example Estates and Wills, Appreciated Stock Gifts, Life Insurance, Real Estates, and Gift Annuities. Such gifts can be designated to the SCCS Foundation or to other priorities of the school, such as Tuition Assistance. For estate gifts without a specific designation, 70% will go to the SCCS Foundation and 30% will be used for current priorities at the school.

Though the school is not in a position to help in planning an estate or writing a will, we are a member of the Barnabas Foundation (hyperlink to Barnabas) – a Christian organization that provides quality planned giving and estate planning services. For detailed information contact Barnabas directly.

In addition, the Foundation frequently receives memorial and honorarium gifts given in response to life events including anniversaries, birthdays, and death of beloved family members.

If you are interested in establishing a named scholarship in memory of a loved one to support a current CCHS student, please contact the SCCS Association Office at 708-388-7656.

Estate Planning

Periodically, at a donor's request, SCCS receives notification of inclusion in an individual's estate plan.  As important as cash gifts are, planned gifts are the assurance that SCCS continues along the path of providing a quality, Christ-entered education for generations to come.  Unless otherwise designated, these generous donations of planned gifts are placed in our Foundation. 

Why or how do you include SCCS as part of your estate plan? 

Read on as a graduate of the CCHS Class of 1959 explains.....We chose to use the Barnabas Foundation to help us prepare our plan, and one of the first things their representative asked was what Christian organizations we supported in our normal giving.  SCCS, as welll as others, was on that list.  All of the organizations were worthy of support, but after prayerful consideration, we chose just a few to support including SCCS.  Why?  Many reasons, but three in particular.

  • First, there is personal blessing experienced over considerable time as our parents, ourselves, and our children were educated at SCCS.  Now our grandchildren are receiving their Christian education at SCCS.  Each of us, over four generations, has been blessed by that education and can name at least one SCCS teacher who influenced our Christian walk.  SCCS is a very personal place.  Life progresses from recognition of your place at home, then your place at church, and then your place at school.  When those three work together in service to Christ, then you indeed experience "the best of all worlds," at least as far as this earthly existence goes.
  • Second, the need for Christian eduction has never been greater.  Our lives were much simpler and more insulated than our grandchildren's are.  They are bombarded daily with more of Satan's wiles than we even knew existed.  They, and their children and grandchildren, will desperately need an education founded on the Solid Rock, even more than we did.
  • Third, our estate gift when received by the Foundation is not used in one year, instead it spans years as it is invested with only the income generated being gifted to the school each year.  It becomes an integral component in paving the page of Christian education for generations to come.

For information on how to leave a legacy at SCCS for your great-great-grandchildren, please call 708/388-7656.  For help in estate planning, because SCCS is a member of Barnabas Foundation, you may contact Barnabas directly and confidentially at 708/532-3444.

Whether written into your will or trust, as a life insurance policy or gift annuity, your gifts provide immeasurable future benefits for Christian education.


We partner with Barnabas Foundation to offer our supporters Planned Giving and Estate Planning services at no cost. Their professional staff provides confidential consultation and Planned Giving expertise.